golden kitchen

Sophisticated, modern, classic, functional, elegant, baroque, vintage, dull... Kitchens of steel, wood, natural stones, noble materials... Kitchens to receive, to have drinks in, to prepare family celebrations or even to inspire you while you work... All are worth it.
For Albert Aubach the challenge is to reinvent himself. Mix what has been mixed and give it power.
Today he presents the Golden Kitchen! A tribute to the 80, with their gilded touches recreating luxuries and excesses but keeping them at bay with the fusion in black natural stone, with all its beauty and strength.
A mixture of shiny brass and the pride of natural stone to create a set of solid blocks and elegant. Each piece and material are carefully polished to preserve its beauty. Like monoliths, just an intention to preserve its nature.
With this project, Albert Aubach is able to translate the standards he wanted to meet and showcase them. The selected materials allow numerous possibilities of conception and realization.
Experimenting with new materials and not setting aside the learning. The “Golden Kitchen" reveals new forms and new elements, with essential and highly functional volumes. But it is, first and foremost… a jewel kitchen. Precious and precise. Designs translated into wise and accurate solutions. Imagine, design and execute with precision.
The "Golden Kitchen" is a unique and extravagant cuisine stripped of boredom and conventionalism. Every gleam and every detail are a reflection of good taste.
Do you dare?… It's for you.

A new project, a new idea, a new concept ... With functionality as a condition, Albert Aubach proposes a set of natural materials, daring and surprising, to create a special atmosphere in the kitchen.
STONE, natural granite INDIANBLACK of the range SENSA, with invisible treatment for waterproofing and prevention of the penetration of liquids such as coffee, wine or oil, allowing to preserve its great beauty generated by nature. It is fully treated and certified for contact with food, without the need for maintenance and with a warranty of 15 years by the CONSENTINO group.
BRASS, gilded and shiny, composed of an alloy of copper and zinc. Manufactured and polished by the Basque steel industry and treated to minimize its porous effect by means of different types of matting and treatments. Worked in thicknesses of 1mm for lined doors and thicknesses of 5mm for work tops.
CONCEPT, the furniture and surfaces are transformed into volumes with a monolithic effect embedded in them, fusing metal and stone. Nature in its most primitive basis. Its main objective is to add a sculptural concept to the project..
FURNITURE, handmade in our workshop-laboratory in Alt Emprodà. The panels of the Italian firm CLEAF, specialized in the manufacture of TSS (THERMO STRUCTURED SURFACES), with leather, fabric or wooden finishes, grant the sensitive high value furniture plus a customization of interior.
IRONWORK, the softness in the mechanisms of doors and drawers is guaranteed with the highest range LEGRABOX, of the prestigious Austrian firm BLUM, with different finishes and distribution of separators, for the organization of the kitchen utensils.